What is the cost of a wedding photographer and how much work is behind a wedding photography?

The answer is very simple: first to affect the cost of a wedding photographer is the “skill” and the knowledge of the same over the final quality of the products it creates. Then there are the fixed costs such as the realization of the pictures, their selection and their editing, and finally the wedding album. Without neglecting accessory services related to the photos and video of the event as the wedding, the service photobooth, service engagement, the projection or immediate printing during the wedding. Below an example of a photo shoot of full marriage.

  • 10 hours is the time for a full reportage wedding, from preparation of the couple to the cutting of the cake;;
  • other 4/5 hours approximately for the selection and preparation of specimens digital test;
  • 15/20 minutes is the average time of post production for single photo that will compose the album (multiplied by approximately 100 photographs, plus or minus 25 hours).

Then there’s the creation of wedding albums, whether it’s a photo book you have to add about 5/7 hours for his graphic composition. On the contrary if it is traditional album the hours for the realization (choice of sizes/number of pages, trimming photos, applying double-sided adhesive and application photos) rise up to approximately 20. So, in summary, behind a complete wedding photography there are about 45/60 hours.

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