Between 500 and 1000 €

Photo and video shooting.

The photo reportage bedroom  is with two operators, the delivery of all the files and editing of some of them (the number varies depending on the service you choose), and the slideshow with background music. Album optionally (traditional or photo book).

Yes, from which then the couple will choose (number varies depending on the service chosen) those that will be retouched and will make the slideshow and any album.

As soon as possible, to not find the date already occupied and to take advantage of my promotions.

Artistic, reportage, portrait.

Yes, I do

It is to be agreed upon signing the contract according to the displacement.


The service that I realize is a photographic record of your wedding day,  not static any images, emotional, very detailed and natural lighting featured designed to capture the spontaneity of expression of the couple and their guests with great attention to detail.

Mainly alone or with an assistant.

Yes, thanks to a small and selected team I can cover up to a maximum of two events in the same day.

The service that I offer is unique with a specific style.

I try to be as unobtrusive as possible so that the images produced are truly spontaneous.

Event per hours.


It is to be agreed upon signing the contract.

An advance payment upon signing the contract and the final balance on the day of the wedding at the end of service. (Cash, bank transfer, check).

Yes, the quote by email comes only after a telephone conversation.

However I always suggest a meeting in order to meet your needs and offer you the best price.

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